The service is provided in two formulas

CCM Consulting

Suitable for the realities that already use or want to have CCM In House solutions for which they require specialist consulting activities, both strategic and executive.


CCM Services

Suitable for the realities not already equipped with the CCM platform that choose Dataexpert CCM integrated system, to continue to dedicate themselves with ease to their core business.


CCM or Customer Communication Management has always been one of Dataexpert's main activities. We offer solutions suitable for multiple application fields, thanks to experienced and certified resources in the field of CCM's best platforms worldwide

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CCM for banks and insurance

Typically, in the finance area, digital communication support opens up vast possibilities for using the document as a marketing tool. In fact, taking the simple account statement to access…

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CCM for health

In this sector is important to cut the distance with the customer in terms of time and difficulty in finding information through highly personalized processes ....

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CCM for Telco / Utility

To streamline the bureaucratic processes within the static progressions of every practice, Dataexpert aims to offer solutions based on the customer experience…

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CCM for Public Administration

The user's need for technological innovation, which simplifies communication and management of practices, is increasing…

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