Public vs. Private Clouds


High-level security

The real asset of Dataexpert's private clouds lies in their security when compared to alternative remote professional hosting solutions, such as public clouds or shared virtual servers. The structure allows customised and more effective protection measures to be activated so as to ensure that clients have complete control of their cloud, as well as data and procedure protection.

Dedicated resources

The private cloud requires that all hardware resources be entrusted to a single owner, who is free to use and configure them to improve their performance, or to maximise their efficiency and speed. With its centralised and exclusive control, the private cloud ensures that there are no more system slow-downs or delays caused by shared resources. Dataexpert's private cloud offers a boost in efficiency, without compromise, making it ideal for large-scale companies in search of top IT solutions for their business.


In the medium and long term, cloud architecture can lead to substantial savings on management expenses. Hardware upgrade and maintenance costs are cut by economies of scale.

Hybrid clouds

When dealing with specific requirements, features that exist on public clouds using shared resources can be integrated with private clouds, providing even greater optimisation in the use of business software resources.