Mobile apps

Creating applications that are compatible with more than one platform and mobile operating system constitutes an interesting opportunity to increase flexibility. This feature is particularly important for companies with a field-based commercial or operating fleet, such as logistics and haulage companies, car hire firms and parcel and medicine delivery firms.

Dataexpert's mobile apps for business use Xamarin technology to reach major mobile platforms such as Apple IOS, Google Android and Windows Phone, which means they can be used on a wide range of devices.
GPS, iBeacon, Eddystone, OCR On-Board, and Augmented Reality are just some of the technologies used in our developments.

Large volumes

Many widely used applications require superior performance from mobiles, even when this involves working with vast quantities of data. Using specialised skills and expert knowledge on efficiency, Dataexpert is able to achieve high levels of performance by making the most of each subsystem and the technical features of the devices used.


Dataexpert is a mobile developer with aXamarin Premier Consulting Partner certification. The cross-platform applications sold by Dataexpert are developed with Xamarin.platform and Xamarin.form to ensure that they meet all necessary performance and compatibility requirements for IOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Web-based software

Dataexpert is the go-to partner for companies looking for made-to-measure software development for business applications; Dataexpert is ready to tackle the most complex challenges alongside top-level clients that do business and who aspire to dominate in their sectors.

Software platforms that are primarily web-based and that form the core of company activities, or that support them, are not only essential tools for all the highly competitive financial sectors, but also for logistics and transport to. After careful analysis of the company in question, a team of certified experts will plan and develop solutions designed to achieve the optimum outcome in terms of efficiency, productivity, consistency of results, security and external data exchange.

The Agile technique

The Agile Manifesto underlines the importance of the principles listed below, notwithstanding the value of processes, tools, documents, contracts and planning. There are four underlying principles of this manifesto:

Communication vs. Processes

The relations and communication between the individuals involved in software design constitute the most valuable resource and are more important than the processes and tools themselves.

Collaboration vs. Contract

It is important to collaborate with the client, beyond simply fulfilling the contract (direct collaboration leads to better results than contractual relationships)

Development vs. Documentation

It is more important to have software that functions than documentation. This means progressive releases at regular intervals (sprints), maintaining a code that is simple and technologically advanced.

Flexibility vs. Efficiency

It is equally important to be ready to respond to change as it is to stick to the schedule. This means that the development team needs to be ready at any time to change priorities in order to achieve the final goal.

Dataexpert expertise

Dataexpert's valuable, ever-growing client portfolio is what allows it to increase the variety and quality of its expertise as a business software developer, every day. Expertise, a treasure trove of continuously evolving technical knowledge, major partnerships and the perpetual pursuit of innovation are the foundations on which Dataexpert supplies its clients with the technological tools to foster a leadership that is present and that intends to sustain itself into the future, through continual support, growth and development. More specifically, Dataexpert's IT departments are specialised in programming on the innovative framework, MVC, released under Microsoft's open source license, as well as on mobile platforms for IOS and Android.

Assets and partnerships

For each of its spheres of operation, Dataexpert relies on prestigious partnerships and certifications. The Xamarin partnership guarantees the compatibility of mobile multiplatforms, whilst archiving solutions rely on partnerships with ABBYY for OCR and paperless office environments, and ISIS Papyrus and Quadient Inspire for reinforcement and communication.
The physical and digital archiving of documents also avails itself of highly reliable assets and structures based in Italy, to guarantee a combination of security and efficiency to those who require the utmost quality of care.

Custom BPM

The continual and varied development processes of the global markets drive companies and organisations operating in different sectors to hunt down the most beneficial development channels for business growth.
By using BPM solutions (Business Process Management), a business can gain considerable advantages against its competitors, increase productivity, or offer an even better product to customers.
Dataexpert takes care of the demand for the constant improvement of the automation of a company's processes with fail-safe formulas comprising various phases of customisation of IT tools, in a time to delivery that is compatible with the quick turnaround times imposed by today's business world; the plans offered include a series of steps in which support, development and advanced solutions become crucial factors for success.

Certified experts - OMG Certified Expert in BPM™ 2 (OCEB 2™)


The business activities of large-scale companies in major financial sectors, such as the banking sector, are founded on a series of various kinds of processes. Each activity generally requires an enormous amount of human and technological resources to be able to be carried out to completion. Being able to improve productivity, data security and to reduce the number of errors through the use of software designed or customised to automate processes, clearly constitutes a fundamental asset.

Scheduled development

The solutions offered by Dataexpert are extremely reactive and undergo continuous improvements. Upgrades may be required to meet the changing needs of a company or amendments to the regulations which have repercussions on the processes for which the software is used. Never far from the client's side, Dataexpert also ensures a more flexible and precise approach to software development, on the basis of feedback provided by the client and users.


Interfaces are simple, customised, highly intuitive and require little training with the aim being to guarantee that full operation is achieved under tight time constraints. Dataexpert applications are designed to allow all users to fully benefit from their features. BPM interfaces also have to be used by users who may not have the same computer skills as executive users.

BPMN 2.0

Besides aiming to achieve optimum performance levels in functionality and efficiency, Dataexpert produces software that is proven to be highly compatible and easily integrated with the most commonly used standards. Compliance with the BPMN 2.0 standard is guaranteed by our OMG Certified Expert in BPM™ 2 (OCEB 2™)-certified specialists.