Are you looking for an expert partner that will help you shape your e-commerce initiatives? Take advantage of our strategic skills to develop and guide your online growth efforts.


How can I give visibility to a well-run store if nobody can find it? Our e-commerce marketing solutions can help you attract, and convert potential customers to the right contact points.


Do you need help with customer care, fulfillment, procurement and logistics? Choose our e-commerce management services to keep your stores running smoothly.

ReShark Portal

Monitor and mange each active service through reShark portal


Without digital marketing, nothing can succeed in the competitive digital world. We plan, design and execute unique digital marketing strategies to beat your competitors.

Marketing Automation

Through marketing automation, you are ready to create personalized one-to-one connections with a seemingly endless number of customers on a large scale.

B2C Delivery

Trends such as e-commerce and same-day delivery require to find new and profitable ways to deliver products to customers, even beyond the traditional courier.

Logistics and Fulfillment

All successful eCommerce have one thing in common: an extraordinary fulfillment. Our logistic infrastructure is designed for a smooth order fulfillment capable of enhancing the entire process.

Collection and Billing

Our services manage payment, anti-fraud, receipts and invoices. All activities that now are critical both for accounting and tax purposes, even more with the introduction of electronic invoicing.

Customer Care

When customers have questions, they want quick answers, or they will simply buy elsewhere. Our multi-language and multi-channel support services are based on a prepared team and the best tools.

BI and Data integration

Business intelligence is "information" which is essential for making meaningful decisions in your online business. All our services are designed to be monitored and measured in real time through the Reshark portal.

CRM & Salesforce automation

Our services also address B2B business by enabling the client to manage sales via CRM or SFA tools to be managed after the generation of leads from websites or landing pages.

Any new technology, innovation, new competitor can have an impact on your online business
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