Native client multi-platform

Seamless integration

In the majority of cases, we will have all of the client's existing notification and archiving structures.
In these cases, the system is designed for integration via a back-end system, connected to the client's infrastructure and one or several client smartphones or tablets for external data input or use.

Hardware independence

The modular structure provides a high level of flexibility and customisation, also thanks to software that does not depend on the hardware used. Once quickly installed and configured, the Dataexpert Mobile Process Manager is ready for use.

Low network footprint

The Dataexpert software serves as a connection interface and is structured to guarantee batch functionality even when there is no connection; data exchange is optimised to reduce consumption as far as possible when using 3G or 4G connections and to therefore limit the company's communication expenditure.

Encryption and security

Straddling the gap between management programs used by companies, and mobile devices, our system deals with data security, through exchange of information, using protocols that are encrypted when they arrive and decrypted when they reach their destination.