Business Needs

Archive Documents

Physical, digital and back-up archive: we are living in a world of profound transformation.

  • Consult the digital archive
  • Request originals from the archive
  • Verify production phases

Pflow manages all of this for you. The management and transportation of documents is completely integrated into the system.

Case & Process Management

Every company operates through multiple heterogeneous processes to reach its objectives, but companies often operate through homogeneous processes with relation to involved parties. The workflow engine also allows companies to carry out processes that are not linked to documentation:

  • Case management, trouble ticketing, complaints
  • Intake of orders, pre-orders and contracts
  • Remediation, standardisation of records and databases.

Each approval phase can also be handled via the Pflow Mobile App. Using routing and escalation logic, authorisation is enabled and processes can be approved or rejected from the Mobile app.

BPO Workflow

The banking sector is strongly characterised by back-office processes, which are also often outsourced. Pflow provides a management service that allows you to interact with all individuals undertaking the BPO activities for the bank, in a fully integrated, simplified system, guaranteeing compliance and governance of KPIs:

  • with Transportation and Logistics
  • with procurement warehouse
  • with physical archive
  • with back-office procedure services

Multi-channel & Incoming/outgoing mailroom

Communicating with each individual customer and maintaining consistency across all messages is the key to effectively guaranteeing results. Pflow allows you to orchestrate and harmonise all communication channels: SMS, email, post, digital and social media.

  • Approval of document composition process
  • Transpromo management (promotion and advertising)
  • Delivery tracking (also mass mailing)
  • Parcel brokerage support based on post code
  • Incoming mailroom: extraction of data from incoming mail
  • Outgoing mailroom: indexing and tracking of outgoing mail
  • Proof of delivery management (acknowledgement of receipt)

Key features

Web portal

Pflow is entirely web-based and can be used with all latest browsers

Smartphone app

Approve processes as outlined on the workflow via your mobile app.

Natively integrated software

Real-time tracking and shipment input and management are natively integrated into Pflow.


Pflow uses the most reliable and secure systems, including the HTTPS protocol via SSL encryption.

BPMN 2.0

Workflow orchestration with BPMN 2.0, the most recent open standard.

Legal electronic archiving service

Pflow integrates legal electronic archiving via the e-witness partner

Integrated mailing

Pflow is integrated with major Italian mass printing and mailing providers

Restful API

Pflow has been developed on .NET MVC4. It boasts a comprehensive Rest interface, allowing integration with third-party applications.


Model As a Service

Pflow is supplied via the business model "pay per use", reducing the need for infrastructure and content investments and limiting set-up times

Easy to integrate

Pflow has been designed in line with modular logic, supported by a solid "core" that has control over all primary functions. It has been designed to enable efficient communication, using the client's data, to utilise the client's user structure with single sign-on and LDAP, and to interconnect with third parties via connectors and ad-hoc plug-ins.


The Pflow user interface has been designed to be intuitive and self-explanatory minimising the need for training. You can benefit from the latest developments if used with a recently updated browser. It is also guaranteed to be compatible on older browsers, however some key features will not be accessible.

High performance

Pflow has been designed on distributed hardware architecture, facilitating high performance levels that always meet your needs. It has been created to progressively perform better and better and rapidly expand its scope to face any unexpected changes in circumstances.


Pflow uses modular architecture. Flexibility and modularity are Pflow's key ingredients to constant growth. The multi-tenant platform boasts highly decoupled architecture, that separates the user interface from the services.

Why Pflow?

Pflow is supplied "as a service" through cloud technology, is flexible, robust and offers a low "time to delivery" for customisation, compatible with the modern banking business world's fast pace environment.


Active Users


Stored Documents


Archived Documents

Pflow Modules

Pflow Report Center

The “Pflow Report Center” module controls the consultation and management of advanced reporting and dashboards

  • It is possible to configure and save report preferences.
  • Real-time report extraction.
  • Periodic report scheduling sent out via email.
  • Export data to XLS, PDF and CSV format.

Pflow incoming mailroom

The "Pflow incoming mail room" module controls workflows linked to incoming mail and documents and extracting information from paper documents.

  • Management and automation of document layout and approval workflow.
  • Extraction of data from paper documents.
  • Registration and classification by document type.

Input of:

  • Ordinary documents and internal mail (content to be scanned) and confidential documents and internal mail (cannot be opened).
  • Digital input documents (PDF, Word, Excel, PPT, etc.).
  • Electronic document input (EDI, SAP, electronic invoices, etc.).
  • FAX input.

Pflow outgoing mailroom

The "Pflow outgoing mailroom" module controls the printing and enveloping of outgoing documents.

  • Management and automation of document layout and approval workflow.
  • Transpromo management (promotion and advertising on documents)
  • Printing, enveloping and mailing completely integrated into the system.
  • Parcel brokerage based on postcode.
  • Supports electronic documents: Word, Excel, HTML, Xml, TAG, bulk database data, Linedata, ASCII-EBCDIC, CC, DJDE, SAP, [RDI-OTF-GOF].

Pflow BPU Services

The “Pflow BPU services” module manages and tracks workflows linked to the creation of documentary material.

  • Advanced search features (full text + metadata).
  • Favourite searches rescue.
  • Sorting: allows you to create virtual job folders or files, in which you can group together documents based on metadata that they are linked to.
  • Versioning: allows you to track and potentially recover successive versions of the same document.
  • Register: creation of license packages for features, documents and document types, to be applied to users in order to streamline administrative procedures.
  • Connections: a tool used to create connections between documents, users, metadata and document types.

Pflow Transport

The "Pflow transport" module controls the consultation and management of logistical components for the processes.

  • Developed shipment tracking.
  • Allows you to manage and optimise transport "ON DEMAND".
  • Allows you to manage authorisation logic for items to be forwarded using the top-down model.
  • Stock management.
  • Allows you to automatically compile shipping lists and quickly and punctually obtain monitoring and verification results, and put together a responsibility matrix.

Pflow expenses

The "Pflow Expenses" module supplies stationery, promotional material, business cards and stamps.

  • Online business cards and stamps.
  • Approval workflow, order limits may be set up to user level.
  • Bulk orders.
  • Multiply orders based on the end branch dimensions.
  • Panel for receiving orders and order status check-list for external suppliers.
  • Report on status of warehouse and orders, and monitored management.

Pflow Core Modules

Pflow Engine Monitor

It monitors the system and recognises any issues.

  • It guarantees the implementation of countermeasures, so that SLAs can be met and continuity of services is ensured.
  • It notifies internal and external users via the escalation model.

Pflow KPI & Status Engine

Performs real-time analysis of KPIs for service and system performance.

  • Real-time analysis of service performance levels
  • User dashboard
  • Comparison of data from two different time periods.
  • Presentation of data on the map (geographical statistics).

Pflow Audit Engine

Accurately tracks all activity carried out by users on the system.

  • Enables you to go back to the manager for each action carried out on the system.

Pflow Flexible Work Flow Engine

A powerful workflow engine, it manages and orchestrates approval processes and workflows linked to your services.

  • Operates via ESB (enterprise service bus) logic.
  • Allows you to restrict deployment times for new workflows or variations in workflows.
  • Each document category has its own workflow, which is configurable and can be integrated with external data.
  • Supports the definition of document workflows, simple workflows (management of work queues), or complex workflows (sequential, conditional, time-driven or parallel), allowing you to manage approval processes for your documents.

Pflow legal electronic archiving engine

Engine for digitally archiving documents.

  • Integrated generation of timestamp.
  • Dating and official notary certification by a third party.
  • The individual in charge of digital archiving is a public official.

Pflow Digital Recognition Engine

The software component offering digital recognition, OCR and data extraction.

  • ABBYY intelligent document recognition technology, used for document classification, separation, data extraction and indexing.
  • Integrated with ABBYY data entry tool to impute and verify data.
  • Manages accounting.
  • Exports the scanned document for third-party data entry.
  • Imports the data from third-party data entry.

Pflow Security & Connection Engine

Powerful framework for managing and profiling users.

  • Allows you to manage identities on the “single sign-on” model.
  • Can be integrated with the LDAP system and active directory.